Tax Services

Working for our clients, both business and personal, to explore and find ways to keep those hard-earned profits from their efforts.

Our tax services range from the traditional preparation of individual and business tax returns to advanced services such as the following:

The current tax laws are very complex and are written primarily to generate revenue for the government.  The complexity of these laws is increased as considerations for humanitarian and economic objectives must also be considered.   Taxes are not logical, but based on compromise.  As society becomes more complex so do the methods of taxing.  Putting the tax law to work for you is important because ..."no one owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands."


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 Personal Tax Planning

We can help in the review and analysis of present and future tax consequences resulting from events in your personal life.  Especially in today's environment, everyone must be concerned with planning for their future--whether for educational, purchase of a home, retirement, etc.  How you provide for the future events has tax impact both today and in the future.


Representation before the IRS or Other State Tax Agency

In the event you, personally,  or your business are selected for an audit, we can represent you in the process of defending your tax positions identified on your tax return.

We can also represent you, should you need to negotiate or try to Offer a Compromise on the amount of your debt with the IRS or any State taxing authority.


 Quarterly Projections

As in any endeavor; the proper planning for your tax liability, while making your business profitable, is necessary for your future financing requirements.


 Business Tax Planning

Whether just starting or trying to maintain your successful business it is essential to have a plan for its future growth and possibly for the natural passage to family members with the minimal tax impact. We can help you in determining the best alternative and outlining the tax implications of each alternative so that you can make sound business decisions.


 Buy-Sell Arrangements

It is important to arrange for the disposition of your business interests in the event of your death, disability, retirement, or early withdrawal from the business.  We can help you review your options and implement the most effective device in this arrangement.


 Sale of a Business

Should you decide to sell your business, you still must determine the most effective way to maximize the results--stock redemption plan, merger, direct purchase or the use of an ESOP?  To help you in this important decision process, we can evaluate all the different the options, determine the financial implications and make sure that the best tax advantages are considered.


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